Introducing Hannah Trueman & The 5-day Ferment Challenge

Introducing Hannah Trueman & The 5-day Ferment Challenge

We're thrilled to introduce you to Hannah Trueman. Hannah will be working with us here at The Cultured Collective as a knowledgeable voice on all things health, wellness and nutrition. 

Hannah is a holistic nutritionist (BSc) with a special interest in brain health, cognitive function and the scope of nutrition in improving mental health and reducing cognitive decline. She is passionate about shifting the focus of nutrition from something solely related to weight-loss and weight-management and about helping people heal their relationships with food and themselves by sharing recipes and nutritional advice that encourages a diet that is plant-focused, full of goodness and delicious. Whilst everything she does is evidence-based and underpinned by science, her intention is to inspire people to make long-lasting changes in the way they eat and the way they think about food from a place of love, rather than from a place of fear or restriction, and to be kinder to themselves, each other and the world around them. 

Here at The Cultured Collective, we're always talking about how easy it is to incorporate fermented products into your diet. To to prove it, we've created the 5-day Ferment Challenge. Hannah is our first intrepid challenger! Over to Hannah...

"The Cultured Collective challenged me to complete their five-day ferment challenge, which is to incorporate two servings of either kimchi or kraut per day for five days. I’m a bit of a fiend for ferments and add them to most of my savoury meals anyway, so was super excited to take part in this challenge, especially when their products are so delicious and made with nothing but the best ingredients. Ferments add another deliciously tangy dimension to meals. The acidity cuts beautifully through the sweetness of roasted vegetables, the heaviness of a bean dish or the creaminess of dips like hummus and guacamole. They really are the perfect addition to almost any savoury dish. And that’s just in terms of taste… ferments bring so much gut loving goodness to the table (excuse the pun), and as you’ll see, there’s virtually no system or function in the body that doesn’t benefit from good gut health."

What were the products that you loved and and how did you incorporate them into your diet?

The Cultured Collective krauts and kimchi’s are more than good enough to eat straight out the jar (no double dipping though, ferments are highly sensitive to the introduction of new bacteria) but I have a few favourite ways to enjoy them:

  • I love the Vegan Classic Kimchi mashed into avocado with sea salt and lime juice to make a spicy guacamole, which I spread onto toasted sourdough or serve with homemade spicy bean tacos.
  • The Fennel Apple & Dill Sauerkraut works well in the chickpea “tuna” I make, which I use as a sandwich, wrap or jacket potato filling. I also love using mixing it through vibrant salads, which I’m eating more and more of with Spring being just around the corner (yay!).
  • The Smoked Chipotle is beautiful on top of chunky bean and tomato soup or added to any Mexican dish - it’s my favourite flavour at the moment."

Any final words of wisdom for our readers Hannah?

"Aim to eat a varied diet, based predominately on whole foods, fruits and vegetables as close to their natural state as possible and you’ll flood your body with gut-loving compounds without really even trying. Add in extra goodies like fermented foods and beverages for an extra hit of goodness. The food and drinks you consume have a profound effect on your gut health and overall wellbeing, but don’t forget about the other stuff too. Adequate sleep, regular movement and stress management amplify the benefits of good diet and support the body at every level."

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